FREYA Logo FREYA WP2 User Story 9 As a bibliometrician, I want to know all the co-authors of a particular researcher, so that I can do a network analysis of the researcher's collaborations.

A number of useful analyses are made possible by identifying co-authorship groups of a given researcher, for example identifying other active scientists in the researcher's field of study, or groups of closely collaborating (and often co-funded) author affiliations.

This notebook uses the DataCite GraphQL API to retrieve all publications of Dr Sarah Teichmann.

Goal: By the end of this notebook, for a researcher of interest, you should be able to:

Install libraries and prepare GraphQL client

Define and run GraphQL query

Define the GraphQL query to find all publications including co-authors for Dr Sarah Teichmann:

Run the above query via the GraphQL client

Display total number of publications by the researcher

Display the total number of the researcher's outputs to date.

Plot the researcher's publications co-authors

Display a sankey plot of the co-authors sharing at least two publications with the researcher, highlighting them by frequency of co-authorship.