FREYA Logo FREYA WP2 User Story 7: As a data center, I want to see the citations of publications that use my repository for the underlying data, so that I can demonstrate the impact of our repository.

It is important for repositories of scientific data to monitor and report on the impact of the data they store. One useful proxy of that impact are secondary citations, i.e. citations of publications which use the deposited data. This notebook focuses on visualisation of these citations by means of a force-directed graph.

This notebook uses the DataCite GraphQL API to retrieve the citations of the following different datasets:

Goal: By the end of this notebook, for a given list of datasets, you should be able to display:

Install libraries and prepare GraphQL client

Define and run GraphQL query

Define the GraphQL query to find all publications including co-authors for Dr Sarah Teichmann:

Run the above query via the GraphQL client

Display total number of citations per dataset

Plot a force-directed graph connecting datasets to their publications and citations of those publications

Plot an interactive force-directed graph of connecting the datasets to their citations (first-degree) and the citations of those citations (second-degree).