FREYA WP2 User Story 6: As a researcher, I am looking for more information about another researcher with a common name, but don’t know his/her ORCID ID.

It is important to be able to locate a researcher of interest even though their ORCID ID is unknown. For example, a reader of a scientific publication may wish to find out more about one of the authors, whereby the publisher has not cross-referenced that author's name to ORCID.

This notebook uses the DataCite GraphQL API to disambiguate a researcher name via a funnel approach:

Goal: By the end of this notebook, you should be able successfully disambiguate a researcher name of interest.

Install libraries and prepare GraphQL client

Define and run GraphQL query

Define the GraphQL query to find all publications including co-authors for Dr Sarah Teichmann:

Run the above query via the GraphQL client

List researcher details

List in tabular format affilitions and the corresponding researcher names. This allows the user to select one of the affiliations to use in a more detailed query (see below) that also retrieves publications.

Run the above query via the GraphQL client