FREYA Logo FREYA WP2 User Story 5 As a student using the British Library's EThOS database, I want to be able to find all dissertations on a given topic.

It is important for postgraduate students to identify easily existing dissertations on a research topic of interest.

This notebook uses the DataCite GraphQL API to retrieve all dissertations for three different queries: Shakespeare, Machine learning and Ebola. These queries illustrate trends in the number of dissertations created over time.

Goal: By the end of this notebook you should be able to:

Install libraries and prepare GraphQL client

Define and run GraphQL query

Define the GraphQL query to retrieve all dissertations using three different queries (that yield distinct trends in number of dissertations across time): shakespeare, Machine learning and ebola.

Run the above query via the GraphQL client.

Display total number of dissertations

For each query, display the total number of dissertations.

Plot number of dissertations per year

For each query, display a bar plot of number of dissertations per year, between start_year and end_year defined in code below. Also shown is a trend line, highlighting the general direction of change in dissertation numbers between start_year and end_year.

Plot number of dissertations per repository

For each query, display a pie chart showing the number of dissertations per repository.